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Open Science

Education and training


Center for Reproducible Science

Courses and training

5 Steps to Good Data Science Practice in R (via School for Transdisciplinary Studies)

University Library

Open Data and Open Access Courses (Basics and Advanced) (via School for Transdisciplinary Studies)

Online Open Access Course on OLAT (appr. 1 hour)

Graduate Campus

Open Access: Funding and requirements (by University Library)

Design your Data Management Plan for the SNSF (by University and Central Library)

Good Research Practice (by Center for Reproducible Science)

Digital Society Initiative

Studium Digitale (via School for Transdisciplinary Studies)

Excellence Program for PhD Students

Citizen Science Zurich

Citizen science introduction and advanced online courses

Further Education

Introduction in Open Science (in German) (on request)


Your offer

If you also offer courses or seminars at UZH on the topic of Open Science, feel free to contact us as we will happily add you to the list. 


Katherine Hermans, Email

Manuela Höfler, Email

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