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Open Science

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Scientific results need to be transparent in order to be checked and validated.

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is an important element of Open Science. It ensures citizens have access to research. 


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are freely available and are offered by UZH. The free access to education is an element of Open Science.

Digital Skills for You

The federal program P-8 is coordinated by swissuniversities and funds projects to strengthen the digital skills in teaching. 

Research Evaluation

Taking Open Science practices and values into account in human resources (HR) processes is a prerequisite to become an open research organization.

Open Science Game: Open Up Your Research!

Follow the researcher Emma on her way to a PhD. You get to decide at each stage whether Emma should practice an open science approach or go the conventional route. What will await Emma at the end?

Professional Hiring

The project HI-FRAME will develop and pilot a tailor-made and flexible framework that systematically incorporates Open Science activities into the evaluation of candidates in professorial hiring. It contributes towards Open Science culture change at UZH.