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Open Science

Open Data


What is Open Data?

Data are considered open if they can be freely utilized, re-used and disseminated. The only permitted requirements are naming the author and dissemination under the same conditions. Open Data is subject to data protection and therefore should not contain any sensitive information. 

The terms of use of Open Data are managed in open and share-alike licenses. Open Data should also be open in technical terms, i.e. in machine-readable and non-proprietary file formats.

Why Open Data?

In order for scientific findings to be utilized, evaluated and re-used, the primary and metadata related to research projects must be openly accessible.


Additionally, research data should comply with the FAIR principles. In other words, they must be findable, accessible, interoperable/compatible and reusable.

Support for data management

UZH supports its researchers in managing and publishing their research data.

Data Services

Weiterführende Informationen

The university library and the S3IT support UZH researchers with their data management.