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Open Science

Open Science Team

We promote an Open Science culture at the University of Zurich. Research should be available to all. Our goal is to make Open Science the default practice in research. Access to knowledge and the scientific process enables knowledge to be disseminated and developed more efficiently, and enhances the transparency and credibility of academic research.

Open Science Delegates

Since summer 2019 the Open Science delegates have been in office at the University of Zurich. They support and represent UZH in Open Science related issues.

Open Science Office

The Open Science Office is responsible for developing the University of Zurich’s strategy in the field of Open Science and is part of the Office of the Vice President Research. It also initiates, coordinates and promotes implementation of the Open Science strategy. Since January 2020, Katherine Hermans and Manuela Höfler have been leading the Open Science Office from its inception.


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Open Science Office

Katherine Hermans


Manuela Höfler